Where is the PAFF?

The Annual PA Firefly Festival takes place on the grounds of the Black Caddis Ranch B & B in Kellettville, just 15 miles east of Tionesta on Route 666. The address is 13558 Route 666, Tionesta, Pa 16353.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

February PAFF Meeting

The second meeting of the year was productive as usual.

  • We are applying for the tax exempt status that will allow us to apply for grant funding of our educational programming.  
  • We have 7 confirmed music groups including: Detention, Uriah Effect,  Matt Miskie  are all new; Stony and Company, Dominick DeCecco, Broke, Stranded & Ugly, and the Hills & the Rivers are returning from last year.  
  • We are now accepting applications for artists, crafters, exhibitors and food vendors.  Contact us by email pafireflyfestival@gmail.com or on facebook and we will send you an application.  
  • We are also looking for volunteer monitors and firefly observers.  We need campers, naturalists and/or citizen scientists interested in collecting data on the fireflies leading up to the festival and after.  We can get you registered on Museum of Science Firefly Watch | Home and get you data collection forms.  
  • Foremost, we want to promote and encourage firefly watching.  Visitors should plan on coming to Forest County for at least a weekend or maybe a week during the 3 to 4-week-long synchronous firefly season.  If you are coming to see fireflies, you may need more than a one night stay to find them.  We don't want you to be disappointed due to rain, or you can't stay out late enough to see the displays. For overnight accommodations check the Forest county websiteForest County - Home or Visit PAGO PA Great Outdoors Visitors Bureau - PA Great Outdoors

Saturday, January 31, 2015

New PAFF Logo

We now have our very own logo for the PA Firefly Festival.  We hope that the logo brings recognition, awareness and inspiration to all involved with the fireflies and the festival.  You will see it on all of our correspondence and products for the festival.  Thank you Elizabeth Edelstein for all of your hard work on our behalf.

Monday, January 12, 2015

1st 2015 Planning Meeting

Saturday, January 24 at 3:30-5:00 pm will be the first planning meeting for 2015 of the 3rd Annual PA Firefly Festival.  We will be discussing and assigning committees for all the intricacies of the festival event.  We have monthly meetings up until the month of June.  Please, let us know if you are planning on attending. You can "join"  the meeting on facebook, or just give us a call.

We will update this blogspot after each monthly meeting, so you can check on the progress and learn more about the festival as it approaches.